Insights into Forks

Overwhelmed with the activities in forks of a project?
Which forks are active?
Which contain interesting ideas?
Which contain already finished features to build upon, rather than reimplement?

Concise Overview a Project's Forks

Explore a compact list of all forks highlighting key insights, rather than scrolling forever in a network graph. We sift all forks and summarize changes with statistics and representative keywords. Sort forks by activity volume and recency or search for keywords.

Label and Monitor Forks

Identify and label forks with interesting activities, for example to scout for ideas and pull requests. Monitor interesting forks to keep up with changes. Track the activity of an entire community on GitHub. Get started by signing in with your GitHub account.

Research and Contribution

INFOX comes out of an NSF-funded research project at Carnegie Mellon University, exploring how to improve collaboration and coordination in open-source software development. INFOX is open source and hosted for the community. We would love to hear your ideas and feedback. Explore the source or open an issue.